St. Augustine Catholic Church



Ministries enable parishioners the opportunity to exercise the stewardship of their time  

and talents in helping the parish move toward becoming the kind of Christian community 

envisioned in its mission statement. They are formed in each area of St. Augustine’s

mission, namely: Worship, Service, Formation, Evangelization, Family Life, Social Justice &

Concerns, and Administration, to care for the needs of the people. 

The ministry structure is intended to foster collaboration and interdependent 

relationships among various groups and organizations of the parish as well as with other 

parishes. This coordinated effort helps to bring about the genuine renewal of Christian 

life within the parish. 


                                     Service:  CARING-OUTREACH-PROVIDING SERVICE TO SUPPORT OUR MINISTRIES

                                     Lifelong Formation: TEACHING FAITH FORMATION - ADULT, YOUNG ADULT AND YOUTH

                                     Administration: PARTICIPATING-ADMINISTRATION-FACILITIES

                                    Social Justice & Concerns: PARTICIPATING IN THE SOCIAL JUSTICE OF THE CHURCH

                                     Family Life: PARTICIPATING IN SUPPORTING FAMILY LIFE

                                     Evangelization: PARTICIPATING IN SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY